The Philosophy of Cake

Did you know that the word Philosophy literally translates as ‘love of wisdom’. There is certainly a heaped measuring spoon of both of these virtues; in the superior and  delicious cakes that Vic’s Vegan Bakes produces.

Despite her young age (only 20!!) Vic has taken her two most passionate, essential beliefs to create cakes that are not only romantic and beautiful but taste divine! Now some of you may have been ‘put off’ by the fact that these cakes are vegan. My question is why? What would make you believe that something that is cruelty free to animals would taste bad? Isn’t a world cruelty free something we should all celebrate rather than be dismissive of? It’s a point that Vic is certainly essential about

“I adore animals. Other than baking I can’t think of anything I’m more passionate about.” 

Vic’s vegan journey only began two years ago, but her baking has always seemed to be an intrinsic part of her.

“I was always the girl at school turning up with cakes” she admits to me, smiling at the  warm memories it conjures for her.  “It was just always so much fun. I never thought it would turn into my job. “

Only in operation to the public from March of this year Vic has certainly begun to gather an avid following. One glance at her social media is a grand testament of how enticing and delightful her creations are. Utterly self educated (Brava, girl!) Vic creates cakes for every occasions in her family home. Her family are not only creative but clearly very proud and supportive. Welcoming me into her home Vic and I talk in her work space. The Kitchen. It’s a space of pale green hues that remind me of wild meadows and warm woods.  Music and natural light fill the the comfy and modest working space.

“I take over the kitchen. Music goes on and the world just melts away.” 

Where ever the world disappears too, it is replaced with a fun, whimsical and romantically imaginative world that becomes Vic’s creations .Its no wonder many clients leave it completely up to her to decide how the cakes look. “Of course what I do is bespoke I’m happy to have clients pick colours or a theme. I just want people to try vegan food and have fun with it.” Vic clearly enjoys her creative process when she produces the first cake her excitement is tangible.

This one is four layers of red velvet cake that include freeze dried raspberries  with vegan cream frosting and white chocolate ganache. I photograph it while silently salivating. My own measure of excitement amplified when we cut into the cake and I’m allowed the first slice.


I’m immediate struck by how the texture of the cake is blissfully melting and soft. The familiar and comforting smell  of chocolate invades your mouth and is absorbed into your enjoyment. As the explosion of buds of raspberries and vanilla pop into pockets of recognition. The tastes linger, radiating a addictive hankering for the next over indulgent bite.

I’m treated to four cakes in all. The first is sliced up and eaten with enthusiasm. But the other three have greater destinations than my stomach.

The second is a lemon sponge with vanilla buttercream and lemon curd filling. This one Vic tells me she’s auctioning off to help support an animal sanctuary (Jacob’s Ridge) that she fully wants to support.  It’s a idea that comes to her as we shot and one that exhibits her youthful and considerate nature.

Our third treat is a chocolate, gluten free cake with peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache. Decorated with fresh golden painted summer fruits of strawberries and raspberries it’s the ultimate looker of the day.


Jars of little colourful meringue kisses and macaroons are also laid out. “I wish I had made you some doughnuts now” Vic confesses. These were among her first creations that encouraged her into cakes and other vegan bakes. ” Next time?” I reply secretly hoping to be invited once more into this amazing bakery of extraordinary pleasure.

Join in with my sinful gluttony and find Vic on her Facebook page or on her Instagram account Or just email her directly at



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