Bespoke, graceful and effortless. Caroline Everett is on a mission to style our little ladies. Sat together at my kitchen table I’m relived at its large size.  Caroline has brought a sumptuous amount of textiles, all tangibly tantalising with rainbow variations of colour and hue. Bold summer flowers, swirling mists of the sea and creatures are immortalised in beads and silk on soft comforting linen.


“I’m inspired by the natural world and by family. Some of my designs a lifted directly from the world around children. The dandelion clockwork is an exact example of that.”

Born in Belgium, Caroline trained in Brussels, under a Master Embroider. Living in Herefordshire with her family, her daughter provides constant inspiration, in every detail. And I mean in EVERY DETAIL. As I ask Caroline about the small beautiful logo, (also her embroidery signature) and I am transfixed and in awe with the amount of detailed thought and symbolisation that went into it.

“The logo is two Greek letters Beta and Phi. to form the word Phoebe. Which is my daughters name. The humming bird represents the natural world, which is a wonder to me, and I believe too children. It is embroidered with silk thread and a glass bead, which are the tools of my trade. And in the three colours of my national flag. Its all about heraldry, family, everything having a meaning.”

Caroline even has a motto in Latin : Sui iuris , inveniendo (independent by means of my creative labour). Which is Caroline’s personal aim.


She concentrates on mainly on girls from 0-12 yrs, simply due to the bead work and embroidery that goes into each dress. However, Caroline’s skills far and above encompass many other applications of design to fashion.  She also adds textile decoration in the form of painting, stencilling and printing. This is where Caroline’s admiration for Japanese textiles manufacture, history and application begins to emerge.  “I wanted to combine french chic with Japanese sobriety.” Her knowledge on meanings of design, colour and reflection of its history is a constant for Caroline. Every detail has meaning.  What is more incredible is that it IS ALL DONE BY HAND. I have to shake myself to realisation a little when she reveals this. This work is so intricate, structured and miraculous I find it hard to comprehend the hours it must take her to do it all.

The designs and created made-to-measure dresses are “elegant and plain clothes that grow with your child.” She further explains “The shape of the dresses are designed so that they start as a full length garment, becoming shorter until the can be worn as a top.”

The dresses are even reversible so there are two dresses in one garment! Washable, as the beads are glass and comfortable for children to play in.

Caroline embraces her fun side in her designs, her childlike good humour and other obsession of perfume by sometimes using perfumed thread.

If you’re mourning the fact you may be past the age that Caroline usually caters for everyone. Her bespoke service meanings that consultations are requirements to her work. She wants to create garments that reflect YOUR likes and who YOU ARE much like she has done for her business.  If a dress is not your ideal then perhaps you can purchase one of her scarfs or even indulged in something from her home service: cushions, table runners, even handbags may well be for you instead.

Find Caroline and her Facebook page: All enquiries to



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