Christmas tradition

There is an overwhelming desire that happens to me at Christmas. An almost desperate need to repeat traditions that it is as rampant in the air around me as Wizzard, wishing it could be Christmas every day.

But this is not a complaint. I simply adore Christmas with the side trimmings of it’s wacky, family and seasonal quirks. Stiring the homemade Christmas pudding, long before December comes around. Putting up the tree to Dean Martin singing about snow. There is an overwhelming excitement when I pick up my Christmas cards and start to write them. So, when I get to expand my knowledge so I can include a new Christmas tradition I naturally jump at the chance.

Mistletoe has long been the winter plant that represents love and friendship. The tradition of the kiss can be traced back to the nordic legend of the death of the God Baldur. His murder was brought about by fashioning a dart from the plant by his jealous rival Loki. That such a small and delicate plant would never harm anyone again the mother of Baldur Frigga, said she would place a kiss on anyone who stood beneath it. The tradition has endured to this day.

But why would we simply string up a few twigs of this plant with some ribbon? Oh,  no, no, no. Such a regal plant deserves a little more attention to detail. Only something creative will do and so I turn to the best people in town. I am, for the final time this year, off to seek inspiration and guidance from the brilliant minds at The Great British Florists.


Our group is simply bursting with excitement this evening. Perhaps it is the cheer of the warm welcome, the delight of something new mixed in with the festive music. The atmosphere is simply contagious and eager.

Conducting the creative experiment tonight is Jill. A teacher with years of experience and definitive ideas. She guides each student, taking the time to explain and giggle prospectively.

A mound of green, fragrant vegetation has been offered to each student. Which rapidly starts to be shortened and shared into individual groups in order to create the textures and difference each ball with need.


The wiring causes a little confusion, but then again I find, personally, it always does.

I’m not surprised how quickly each ball is assembled. The school and Jill in particular run so smoothly that the spell of ease it casts rapidly enraptures its willing audience. The ladies soon begin to sing along with the music, tell each other stories of their seasonal tasks and stories of their families.



By the end of the evening after scrumptious cake (from the dazzling Vic’s Vegan Bakes) and tea had been consumed. The proud moment of completion is at hand. Each lady has a new skill and little tradition she can make her own.


 If  you’d like to join in on any of these fantastic workshops please go to the The Great British Florist website at great British florist

If you’d like to know more about Events and Workshops in Herefordshire go to

Eat Sleep Live Hereford Events and Workshops in Herefordshire UK


Thank you for reading and have a very Merry Christmas! 

Natalie Jolley Photography




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