There are monsters in the woods…


There are monsters in the woods. Or so my mother told me…

..Creatures of such fierce nature that they would make you stand and quiver.  But don’t run. Don’t make any sudden moves then you’ll understand a secret. Do you want to know what I uncovered? Do you want to see? Are you brave?

I wasn’t lost, you must understand that. I had done this on purpose. I had gone into the woods to meet these creatures. In fact, I’d done it to repay a debt. It was only fair. Karma and all that. I didn’t mind the cold if anything it kept me awake. But I was still surprised when the first creature I met was…a mouse.

He wasn’t just any old mouse. He was large, his fur was a sharp yellow and despite a chunk missing from his ear, (clearly this mouse was hardened to these wild woods) he wore a soft smile and carried his lunch. A nut from one of near by trees. He waved at me with hand and said: “It’s that way.”

“Excuse me?” I replied. Believing I had imagined that I heard him speak. But by now he had taken a bite of his lunch and so, minding his manners, he waved at the sign opposite.

It read…

trail this way

I turned to ask a question but the mouse had disappeared.


I decided to find my resolve and continue along the leaf-covered path.  On I wandered with hawks flying overhead. Their eyes watching as I collected some of the beautiful leaves to decorate my home with later. But then a rustle, a flash of something fast. What could it be, I thought aghast?

But then from out of the darker, den, filled trees came a fox. In his bright burnt orange coat with a dip ended tail of white. His smile was wide and he was rather polite.

“Good morning” he commented, “Are you here for the beast?”

I nodded in astonishment I never heard a fox speak!

“He’s about I dare say. Somewhere in the woods today. Do mind how you go. There are snakes and owls about too you know.”


With that said, he bounded off and over the hedge. Gone. Left quite alone I plodded on and indeed did met that owl and snake. Although I have to admit I gave the latter a wide space. His teeth looked too sharp his eyes too full of mischief. And then I heard it…

…from amongst tall tree’s, there was definitely a grumble. It was low, a throaty. It could belong to something unnatural.  My mouth dry my feet did tremble but they stumbled forward until I saw it.  A huge beast. With tusks and horns. Purple spike along his thick furred back and huge paws! A Gruffalo was in the woods.

But he’s the secret everyone, this Gruffalo was no monster. No big bully. He was actually statue still and happy to pose for picture or two. Maybe you should go over to the woods and see if he’s still there? Make sure you get some evidence for those who will not dare.


If you would like to be brave and meet the Gruffalo he can be found in Queenswood Country park, Dinmore Hill Leominster HR6 0PY.  But if yo’d just like to see more of my photos head over to 


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