Music, food and Champagne. Always a good way to start a shoot. Especially as we were celebrating. My talented and beautiful client, Jac,  is getting married and her wedding day is fast approaching. As one of my brides, she was given the opportunity to come with those she loved most to have a glamour portrait shoot. She brought her three sisters.

Everyone was excited. As soon as we were in the studio, hugs, chatter and laughter simply surrounded us.  The excitement over what clothes they had brought with them and how they were going to have their hair and makeup was encouraged.

As I watched them each beginning on their beauty transformations I realised I was standing, quite literally in a room filling with positive woman interaction. We were all here for Jac. To help her celebrate this moment in her life’s journey.  This day, these images would be a reminder to her in time.  She would look back and remember the fun, the jokes, the cocktails, the dresses, the memories she had made with her sisters. Most importantly I hope she will look back and see herself as a bride to be. These moments show her happy, in love and positive for what the commitment will bring.

I can not wait to take her engagement and wedding pictures!




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