Leaving you speechless

I love being in a creative community. A lot of the women I have met through my photography are very much empowered and devoted to their skills and craft. I am very grateful to know writers, musicians, artists, graphic designers, bakers, florists and now an amazing glass artisan.

Tucked away in the corner of her cottage garden I find our little glass mouse working in steadfast and creative waves. She introduces me to her workshop and the bluebirds currently nesting in the rafters, next to the shelves where all her powders and paints are stored. She doesn’t mind their company. Influenced by nature working with these feathered companions only adds to the inspiration.

Around me, the early morning sunshine glistens on colourful candle bridges, coasters that seem to have trapped the perfect snowflakes. Gleeful stars and cheeky reindeer. Bowls depicting rainfall, hops and flowers. All around is the animation of the natural world in a brilliance of colour and magic.

There is one piece that she’s working on that makes my heart flutter a little. The nocturnal beauty of owls has captured her attention and the details even at this stage of design are staggering. Bernice draws and cuts out both her initial paper designs and glass all by hand. The only machine at her disposal is her kiln where the glass is fused.

A few weeks after my workshop tour she comes to the studio and I see the owl once again. This time in all its finality. Fused, cleaned and framed he is remarkably lifelike.

See if you can catch Bernice and her work at one of the many crafter’s fayres (the list is available on her facebook page here )

Owl wm

4 wm8 wm2 wm6 wm


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