The amazing thing about Prom is not how it seems to have crept over from America these last few years but how it has been widely accepted and has become a part of our end of high school rituals. This is an event that I highly advocate.

I’ve been able to offer portraits this year, in and out of the studio, for many young girls or boys. Elated and celebrating that their high school years are finally done. There’s been a mixed bag as feelings about how good or bad that is, but the one topic hot on everyone’s mind was prom.

As I took portraits excited mum’s and dad’s watched from afar so not to upset the sometimes sensitive, nervous or self-conscious teen. It was during one shoot when all the family including the younger siblings were so desperate to watch that I realised what weight these portraits were really having. All the family were excited about these new steps, the Cinderella feeling of Prom. These portraits were going to provide more to the prom ritual. An everlasting testament to the threshold about to be crossed from teenager to young independent adults.

If you were unhappy with your prom portraits never fear, send us an email and included in the package we will provide professional hair and makeup and gorgeous portraits for you to treasure.


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