Doing it, together.

When you’re part of a couple you do all sorts of things together.  Movies, walks, sports, breakfast in bed. The list, happily, goes on. We routinely take out our mobile phones and take a quick snapshots. I do it myself. That got me thinking. Why not give these moments a fitting pedestal. After all they make up the little important rituals of our relationships.

So, with the complimentary engagement photography I offer all my wedding clients, a section of the day is devoted to do something that my couples usually do together.  This last week I actually went to the gym. Thankfully I was not taking part in the session itself. I have the terrible suspicion it may have killed me as this wasn’t just a yoga class. This workout was for the hard core.

The brilliant Gareth Bennett ( really put my fab clients through their paces. Exactly what they wanted. Keeping the pace fast, motivated and interchangeable. It made the perfect atmosphere for the fun and exciting photos that my clients really wanted to mix in with the romantic timeless images, that I’m known for.

I hope you like the results as much as I do. Why not tell me what you would do or have done in one of these shoots in the comments section below.

For more in depth information or look at my weddings and engagement photography do check out the website Thanks!

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