The power of Portraits

Something happened to me this week that I want to share with you. I was at a shoot where my client was super nervous. She wasn’t sure about how she would look on camera as (like most women these days) she was concerned about her body image.

Our concept for the shoot was based on the wicked life of Elizabeth Bathory a countess with a very colourful and disturbing history.  She had been the inspiration for the song by the band Ghost, a favourite of my client. So we decided to make the shoot about that song.

I made the headpiece and got one of my make up artists to come and create the deathly pale skin and dark red lips that we deiced on at the consultation. We settled on a playlist, which naturally included songs by Ghost, and got to work.

I watched my client go from nervous to excited and final elation by the time I showed her the back of my camera.  This is the reaction I live for. The evolution of a persons realisation that: Yes, you can look good in photographs. You are beautiful and (L’Oreal got it right) you are worth it!

So many people don’t like to have their photos taken because we, unfortunately, have gotten used to the horrid selfies. These little snapshots with bad lighting and wrong angles. We think we look alright in most of them, but we’ve forgotten what it is like to see ourselves as a professional would. When was the last time you went for a professional image? Your wedding? Your engagement or worse, school? Why do we wait for these occasions before we seek out a professional image of ourselves?

Perhaps you should do something about that. Afterall, aren’t you worth it?

All images by Natalie Jolley Photography book your creative portrait here

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