Thin veil

The dark half of the year is upon us and I’m for one am very happy. Halloween for me is much more than dressing up in gory costumes and asking for treats. (although who doesn’t love that part!) It’s a time of reflection and personal learning.

The mythology of this time of year is very much rooted in the traditions and rituals of the past. Any quick search on the internet will give you the stories and tales to capture your imagination. It always works on me.

Due to much of childhood being bathed in folklore that it was impossible for me not to find an odd comfort in these tales of morality with their tragic emotive voices.  It will, therefore, come as no surprise that I have spent most of the month, (and indeed the year) converting my friends into models to be either witches, warriors or gods.  Sometimes, this has caused them a little discomfort. (Telling your friend to take his shirt off, on a chilly Sunday morning, in the middle of a field to be painted in wode can be a stretch). But the smiles on their faces when they see the portraits afterwards always make it worthwhile.

No matter your traditions this Halloween, enjoy yourself and stay safe.

5 wm

2 wm

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