5 tips for your engagement shoot

When clients come to me for an engagement shoot they often want to mark the importance of the event with more than just selfies and iPhone images. It can be a wonderful time to document the spark of the wedding rather than having it overshadowed by all the preparations. Naturally, I get asked many questions from what to wear to where I think the couple should go. Here are my tips to help you get the most out of your engagement portraits.

  1. Location The location that you choose for your shoot should really mean something to you. A beach, woodland even a lakeside. Somewhere you go together such as a coffee shop, favourite bookshop, or even the gym (yep, I’ve shot that before!) You’ll want to make your images stand out and be truly personal.  It can honestly be anywhere you like. I’m more than happy to travel to a destination that really offers a strong connection to positive memories for you.  If your still not sure try and think of a place you can incorporate to suit your style.  Sometimes the wedding venue the couple have chosen can make for the perfect shoot location as it offers new places to explore as a couple. The choice is totally yours.3wm
  2. Time of Year you can choose to have your engagement session at any time of year. As soon as you get engaged if you like! Many people aim for the Spring. However, if the golden colours of autumn or warmth of summer sun appeal to you try to aim for those seasons if your timeline allows. I would recommend that you have your engagement shoot a few months before the wedding. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary stress and I will help you find the right time of day to suit the style of images you’ll treasure. 1 wm.jpg 
  3. Hair, Makeup and what to wear we all want to look amazing on photographs and if you would like to think of having professional hair and makeup included in your shoot I can highly recommend either one of the makeup ladies I use for my studio shoots. If you want to have your wedding makeup trial before the shoot that can work out beautifully! However, if you want to do your own makeup please do. Makeup for camera needs to be a little heavier than usual so it appears the way you would like but don’t do anything outside of your comfort zone. The decision is yours. I’ll have a big bag with me on the day so you can bring that lippy or hairbrush with you to pop in instead of carrying it around. You may want to consider getting your nails done as pictures of the ring will be included in the shoot. Clothes always seem to cause a little trouble. My advice is usually to wear something that goes with the location, for example, if you’re on a farm, wellies will probably need to worn.  If you’re going smart both of you should compliment each other, not matching clothes, but with smart outfits that colour compliment each other. The same advice if you’re thinking casual. You may want to consider the textures of your items also your accessories. A beautiful scarf or hat shouldn’t be underestimated. 1
  4. Props and activities this can be a lot of fun. Depending on where we are you can bring anything you like with you. I really do mean anything. If your thinking a  Picnic, bring the blanket, the hamper, bring a book, radio for some of your favourite songs. Are you into surfing are we heading to the beach? Get into your car, your camper van and don’t forget your board! Your personalities can really shine with what you bring. As they will lead us to what we do, which will provide all the energy we need to the shoot. breakfast wm.jpg
  5. Don’t worry about the camera (It’s a cliche I know) The number of times I hear the words “I don’t photograph well” or “I’m not a fan of having my picture taken”. That’s cool. I’m fine with that. I don’t want you to worry about the camera. What happens with it is my job, all I need from you is to look at the person who is about to say “I do”. Trust me the genuine emotions will flow out of you with my guidance, will provide you with beautiful portraits.  There will be soft romantic moments and plenty of burst of natural laughter. All you need to do is be yourself. 12 wm.jpg16wm6 wmHave fun with it guys! 

To really get into details why not book a consultation with me here. Or for if your simply looking for inspiration or just curious about more of my engagement photography. Check out my Pinterest board here.

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