Wedding Fayres


If you’re planning a wedding you will ask yourself this question.

“Should I go to a wedding fayre?”

The answer as I see it is “YES” No matter the shape or size of fayre (and they come in many) the whole purpose of them is to inspire you. To meet vendors and hear first hand is a wonderful way to understand how they can help you on our wedding day. After all, you need the right people supporting your big day.  Not just your friends and family, but the professionals who will deliver the service you need. Even if it’s the 11th hour, you will be able to find vendors who will be able to help you.

Part of the experience of being a bride will include gathering your nearest and dearest to do fun things for the big day.  Wedding fayres will always include freebies, samples, even magazines you can take home with you.  I’ve been to many fayres where you can even have a makeup trial!

Seeing items that you can feel, touch and ask questions about is also a massive plus. It’s great that you have the world at your fingertips via the internet but actually seeing a product and talking to the vendor about them is far better. They will have so much knowledge to share with you.

You’ll also find out what you don’t like. You may have had an idea about your dress, or your cake but once you see it, in reality, you might find something isn’t the right aesthetic.

You can get a different outlook on a wedding. Everyone there will have been working in the wedding industry for years. They have knowledge about a wedding day that will help you create not just an event but a true celebration. No boring lull’s in the day, no awareness or uncertainty. These people know their jobs and how to make their impact on your day memorable.

If you happen to be planning well in advance, you’ll be able to see suppliers perhaps already creating displays on trends or unique pieces not yet out there in magazines or inspiration sites like Pinterest.

If you decide that you’re going to go for it and attend a wedding fayre- make sure you check out my next blog on my guide to wedding fayre tips. 

You can then put them into practice and come and visit me at one of the many fayres I’ll be at this year.

You’ll be able to find me at:

Sunday 3rd Feburary- Llancaiach Fawr Manor

Sunday 17th March- UWE, Bristol 

Sunday 28th April- Thornbury Golf Club

Sunday 19th May- Hotel Du Vin, Bristol 
Sunday 9th June Avon Gorge Hotel
Sunday 7th July Thornbury Gold Club
Sunday 1st September  The Royal Marriot
Sunday 15th September  Eastwood Park
Sunday 6th October  ThornburyGolf Club 
Sunday 13th October  Avon Gorge Hotel 
Sunday 10th November Hotel Du Vin, Bristol 


Can’t make it to a fayre? send me an email and arrange your own private chat here at the studio.



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