Wedding Fayre Tips


So here they are my tips for you to get the most out of any wedding fayre that you go to.

1: If you’re attending wedding fair that runs over a few days, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the first and last day will be the least busy, especially if it starts on a Friday and ends on a Sunday. Saturdays at a major wedding fair require nerves of steel, the patience of a saint, and extra strong coffee. Go on a first or last day if you can – otherwise, you may not enjoy yourself.

2: Wear comfortable shoes. Oh, the number of ladies I have seen struggling by the end of the day. Please trust me on this one.  Bring your heels in a bag, that way if you plan on trying on a dress you can use them for only that purpose. Your feet will thank you.

3: Don’t take your fiancé to a major wedding fair unless he actually WANTS to go. Ladies, it’s painful to watch the boys being dragged around. It’s not that he doesn’t care, but he may end up being one of just three men in the whole convention center, which may cause him to run for the nearest emergency exit screaming.

4: If you’re taking company make sure you bring along only those who are actually excited about going – if someone is not looking forward to it, it’ll be a complete drag which will ruin the experience for you.

5: Be kind to the suppliers. Speaking as one of them this may seem a little odd to say but for us, it’s a really long day, often with very little time to eat or think. It’s often meeting lovely Bride’s and hearing your plans or where you are on the wedding journey that makes our day. So be one of the lovely brides we’ll remember.

6: Eat a hearty meal beforehand, and bring bottled water. At some venues, food and drinks are very pricey, so it’s smarter to eat ahead, and then buy a small nibble if you have to. I promise you’ll still be able to sample the food and cakes.

7: Bring a camera, because you’ll see so many things, you will forget a lot. A fantastic benefit of a camera is taking pictures of entire stalls that you liked – it’s better than just taking a brochure or business card, (you will lose some of them, simply due to the amount of paperwork you’ll end up with!) But if you take a photo, you’ll remember exactly who you spoke to (ask the supplier for permission, of course)


You’ll be able to find me at these wedding fayres this year!

Sunday 3rd February- Llancaiach Fawr Manor

Sunday 17th March- UWE, Bristol 

Sunday 28th April- Thornbury Golf Club

Sunday 19th May- Hotel Du Vin, Bristol 
Sunday 9th June Avon Gorge Hotel
Sunday 7th July Thornbury Gold Club
Sunday 1st September  The Royal Marriot
Sunday 15th September  Eastwood Park
Sunday 6th October  ThornburyGolf Club 
Sunday 13th October  Avon Gorge Hotel 
Sunday 10th November Hotel Du Vin, Bristol 
Can’t make the fayre? Email me and come over to the studio and have your own private chat about your wedding. I’d love to hear all your plans.

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