How to say goodbye

People come to me for portraits for many different reasons. But saying goodbye and celebrating a change in their life is probably the most familiar and rewarding.

The lovely Sarah came to see me back in dark December wanting to do something a little more creative with her portraits. Her inspiration was as simple as saying a loving goodbye to her dreadlocks. Not wanting to cut them and pop them in a box she thought photos would be a better memento. So, ideas were gathered and we settled on Viking and renaissance aesthetic.

Battling the cold and a little rain, we ran around the woods just by the studio to create these lovely portraits. I’m sure you’ll like them as much as we all do and if you’d like to have a creative portrait shoot email me at

4 wm

sneak peak wm.jpg

5 wm

6 wm

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Makeup Artist on this shoot was Freya McHarg 


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