Lightness of Romance

Hello everyone! Welcome to another blog post.

The past few weeks I’ve been inundated with Brides all looking to create something different for their partner. So a lot of Bridal boudoir shoots has been happening. And thank goodness it has. I recently looked up the best top ten ideas to give your groom as a present. The list was depressing, to say the least.

A watch (the traditional retriment present I might add!), a hip flask (for all the times you’ll turn him to drink perhaps?!) cufflinks, a leather washbag (???) a designer sock collection…these were items that were listed and as I went down the list my forehead just crinkled into lines of firm disbelief. Why would you want to get these things for him? Men, don’t need a designer sock collection on their wedding day. They want something with passion and little fire. Something that reminds them of what a fox you are! And yes, ladies, you are.

Women are a force to be reckoned with, you’ve just probably proved it by single-handedly organising your wedding! Why not show some of that determination and fire.  Be bold and blow his mind with something that’s the right side of naughty.

2 wm

Bridal boudoir-like any boudoir can be romantic, sexy, whimsical, flirtatious even raunchy if you want it too.  You get to wear your often beautiful and elaborate underwear, which let’s face it, deserves to be used more than once! Having the pre-shoot consultation will give you all the knowledge to boost your confidence before the shoot so on the day you can relax and indulge in professional pampering from my team in hair and makeup.

9 wm

Posing is not an issue. You’ll have the full benefit of all my skills as an award-winning photographer. Where natural smiles are guaranteed and sensuality will embody plenty of meaning.

1 wm.jpg

Boudoir isn’t about bearing all of your body, it’s not about being naked or in your pants in front of a stranger. It’s about feeling powerful in your own body and above all feeling beautiful. Since your about to marry someone who believes you are the most gorgeous creature in the world- wouldn’t you like to show them you agree?

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