Your invitation

Am I alone or is there a level of excitement when you’re retrieving your mail from your letterbox and you find a colourful envelope among the usual rustic brown or white letters? Perhaps its because there is a sense that reminds me of birthdays or Christmas but when I see textured, colourful or even metallic envelope that’s the one I’m ripping open first!

So you can imagine my delight when I was asked by the very talented Amber, from Rose and Willow Co to photograph some of her wedding invitation collection! I met Amber at a wedding fayre last year and was blown away by the quality of her work. Every detail, from the card choice, the design, even right down to the way to embellishments are all hand finished. 

3 wm

With so many stunning designs I was overwhelmed with nerdy stationary glee. It also reminded me how important your wedding invitation choice is. A wedding invitation will be going along with the style and tone of your wedding. It should elicit the excitement that we feel with those colourful envelopes in the mail. Amber has so many choices for brides and grooms AND not just for stationary.  

I’m IN LOVE with this jacket- again hand painted!! And would so have one for my wedding, even if it was for my evening look.

1 wm.jpg

Welcome signs and table planners, place names, menu reminders, even banners are some of the varied and wild mixes of wedding details that Amber can turn her hand too. I have to admit a huge amount of love for the mirrors that she sets up for table planners mainly because, as a photographer, I love a reflection shot.



You can get in touch with Amber here via her website and even give calligraphy go yourself at one of the many fun public or private workshops!

All images by Natalie Jolley Photography  Hereford’s premier international award-winning Boudoir and wedding photographer.


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