Romantic Pairing

Have you ever tried to take those selfies with your partner when your snuggling and not quite got the right angle? Or the right light? Always just taking one more? You know you don’t have to, right?

Couples have been coming to me for boudoir pictures since I opened my studio doors. A little hesitant (as some boudoir clients are) but none the scarier.

My studio is a space full of light and warmth. (Plenty of that with south facing windows!) and with just me and my makeup team (all female), there really is very little to be nervous about.  Your consultation will have prepared you, you will have you amazing outfits all ready to go and the quick 90-minute session will fly by because you’re having fun.

1 wm.jpg

Whether you want to have soft, cuddling pictures. Or images that show your passion and devotion to each other. Your shoot is what you make it.

I’m excited today because I have yet more couples coming to do just that.  When will you book in and do the same?

breakfast wm.jpg



11 wm.jpg7 wm.jpg

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