Gala Night

This Saturday saw me, my beloved husband, sister and my friends attending the Gala night for this year’s Matrimony Awards. Stylishly hosted by Matrimony magazine at  The Three Counties Hotel in Hereford. With many amazing creative’s all dressed to the nines for a Great Gatsby inspired evening! 

I was very lucky to win the regional finalist medal for my area and very proud to have been nominated for Best Photographer of the Year.

It was so lovely being at the event, I myself wore a  beautiful vintage black lace dress to go with the Gatsby theme. It needed to be functional as I was the official photographer for the evening. So, with my trusty camera was in hand I tried to capture a least a little part of the magic of the evening.

Here are some images just so you can see what it was like and how much fun was had!

for more of my work head over to

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28wm97 wm4 wm

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