5 tips for the best wedding speeches.

Speeches. You know as a guest your domed when wedding speeches start with the phrase “I won’t take up too much of your time”  Oh you can bet they will. So what can I say to all those fathers of the brides, Best men, and even brides who want to make a speech that doesn’t bore people to tears? Here are five quick tips to help you on your way.

  1. DO NOT WING IT I’ve put this one first as, whatever you do. Please do not wing a wedding speech. It may be that you can normally entertain a crowd in the pub with witty quick remarks, but trust me. When you have 150 pairs of eyes looking at you and your the anecdotes, so funny over a pint, cause silence. You’re in real trouble. Spend time before the wedding, writing down every idea you have, then spend some time putting together the puzzle. It will give you time to edit and practice. web wm
  2. STICK TO THE POINT Do not waffle. I don’t wish to sound militant but there’s no need to make things go over the top. You can, of course, pay compliments where they’re needed but don’t repeat yourself. web speeches
  3. ALCOHOL I’m sure it’s more than tempting to indulge in a little dutch courage. But you want to be able to actually read your speech. If you’re drunk you’ll stumble probably ramble for 60 minutes if left unchecked. web
  4. TIMING Five minutes tops. Not joking.  You do not need twenty minutes of oversaturated fluff.  Try and commit some of your speech to remember some of your speech it will come across as a more natural delivery.225 wm
  5. FUNNY No one is expecting you to perform a stand-up comedy routine but leaning on childhood memories such as the grooms embarrassing Cher routine he did that one night out.  364 web

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