Why I love this wedding photo.

Hello all!

So I’ve been feeling sentimental again. What with a brand new wedding season and Spring in full swing I’ve been going back through some of my old photos. There are so many that I love and wondered what I should share.  It’s so interesting how people respond to pictures.  Some people will look at images and read one thing, others a completely different.  So I’ve decided today to show some of my favorites and wondered what do they say to you. Don’t be shy to leave a comment about your favourite! I’d love to know and if you’d like to see more head over to my website or facebook page. Full of daily updates and even the odd goodie!

18 web

Your mum doing up your wedding dress is a classic image. I loved this one because you can see mum’s hands and all the threads of the ribbon coming towards the camera. I’m a sucker for black and white for moments like this.


Natalie Jolley Photography. Wedding Details. Award Winning Wedding and Boudoir Photographer. WM The Wedding rings. The symbol of the day.  I loved this shot because detail shots are fun to do and I have to get the colours in. This was of colour was from the surrounding flowers It was such a windy day they kept swaying so I let them paint the picture with a little colour. 

58 wm

Family formals. They’re so traditional and not everyone wants them these days but they can be fun to organize and get everyone in the right place. or the wrong place. That will always get the best smiles and laughter. Which is why I love this one. Suddenly the brother outshines the bride and takes center stage. 

Last w,.jpg

This photo was hard won and worth it. I had brought huge sparklers with me for some fun but the father on the bride and held them all together and set them off as one giant firebomb. So, raiding goodies bags the bridesmaids found their very little versions and instead lit them. Everyone was so happy to get the shot, just look at the smiles.


So what do we think of the first four? Any favourites? Do you like the stories behind the photos? You can see more of my images via my facebook or website.

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