What happens after?

“Oh, they say when you marry in June. You’re a bride all your life.” 

I do love that song (June Bride, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers if your wondering).  Perhaps it comes from the fact the Juno, the Roman goddess whom the month is named after, is the goddess for marriage.  However, it doesn’t matter when you actually have your wedding day,  I like the fact that you are allowed to still call yourself a Bride for the the first year. Maybe that comes down to the idea of being linked with being newlyweds or the honeymoon. I’ll have to keep looking into that one but I liked the fact that you can still mark the wedding as a grand adventure.

So to celebrate marriage and all the fun you can have together I thought I’d put together a quick list of five fun romantic ideas you can do for your partner to keep the magic going.


1. It’s All New! Your marriage is much like the start of the New Year. Even if you’ve been living together before the big day you can treat yourselves to something new to do together. Takes classes, trips or even start a hobby together. Cooking classes might be the best option. What with busy lifestyles whoever gets home first could make their partners favourite meal for those days when they’re needed. 

breakfast wm

2.Dinner Parties combine your new cooking class skills with all those home ware gifts from the wedding gift list. You might as well put them to use. 

3.Date nights they are still just as important as ever! Finding time to be with each other is the best thing in the world. Budget dates can show off your creative side if your still paying off the wedding. 

18 wm web
Faith and Luke. Engagement shoot with Natalie Jolley Photography at Borth Beach

4.Start a weekly tradition this might sound a bit odd but our lives are actually full of little rituals that can easily become a tradition. Brunch on a Sunday.  After work drinks on a Wednesday. Anything where you can spend some time together. 

5. Be Spontaneous I know it seems silly to add this as the next step after I’ve just recommended traditions and rituals. But it’s because I’ve recommended it that I think reminding you to grab that bunch of flowers on the way home (when it’s not her birthday!!) meet your partner for lunch if they don’t work so far way, jump in the car and simply drive until you find a new pub or even just a nice view and watch the sunset. It all adds up to the little adventures in life. 

7 wm


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