Fairy tale Bride

Most girls look on their wedding day with an exuberance that transcends other days. It’s the start of something that will last all the while as your planning until that big moment. And hopefully beyond. So where do you start with these things? What’s the most important aspect of wedding planning?

If you’re a follower of mine you’ll know how I’ve talked about the importance of each part of your wedding planning and how people like me, your photographer, can be the best person to ask for direction- especially when it comes to suppliers.

Working for Matrimony magazine this year has put in touch with so many other people both here in Hereford and further afield. Even on our shoot for the Spring/Summer Issue (Check it out here, online!) So many of us came together to create two contrasting looks to showcase how you can achieve the feeling of traditional weddings or a rebellious one.

Here are the looks and how you can achieve them.

Let’s start with this beauty. The Makeup is by the wonderful Freya McHarg. One of my incredible makeup artist here at the studio. The cascading curls was created by Roberto Rineldi from The Address in Hereford. The Dress designed by Wendy Makin actually came from the ladies at SJP Bridal so you can actually go and try it on guys!! All the hair accessories were designed and created by Mason Blue Designs.

A closer look at that bead work. I got a lot of time for how beautiful this is!

The hoop- I’ve had many beautiful comments about the hoop and this one was created by the talented bunch of lovely people at Generation Events Gloucester The room where we are so effortless poised in is one of the many stunning locations at Brinsop Court. One of top places in England to get hitched.

Our second look was the Gothic bride. The creative director of the magazine wanted this to be as dark as we could go with only a hint of colour- in this case blazing pink. The added bonus of these particular shots was the inclusion of the horses. The beautiful D’Artagnan, from Calvary of Hero’s was so patient and still. Especially considering Our model Georgie had extremely high heels on in mud. Check out the outtake of the leaves and mud on her shoes. Poor lass- we did sort it out in the end so we could deliver these stunning images.

The dress was created by Devilnight and the added decoration by Simply Created The Black Gothic crown along with the earrings were designed and Mason Blue Designs along with the earnings . Make up and hair were by the same duo- Frey and Roberto.

The Gothic theme was carried into the grand hall which was decorated to perfection by Couture Events and the stationary by Paper Memories UK

Now we can turn the world upside down for a minute. And talk about the surprise look!

There’s a little story behind it, when I went to the lovely SJP Bridal ladies, to collect the dresses, I saw this beauty. Designed by the amazing Anny Lin (i have to admit one of my favourites) I decided to take it as a surprise dress. The editors loved it so much we added it to the shoot. The Cape detail to this dress is unbelievable. The look was achieved by the accessories from Mason blue designs, hair by Roberto and makeup once again by lovely Freya. The flowers were designed by Hereford flower studio.

What do you think guys? That was a long post right?! But which fairy tail options would you go for? Which element of the shoot did you like?

If you enjoyed these images please check out the full online version right HERE.

Or if you’d like to know more about me, and what I do with photography you can always head to my WEBSITE or any of my social media links. My favourite is Instagram but or course I’m out there on Facebook . LinkedIn Google and Pinterest

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