So I’ve done it. I’ve taken the plunge and started daily vlogging. So, far it’s been a fantastic creative challenge. The biggest issue is what do I share (there is so much we do here at the studio) and when?! Part of me wanted to start doing this as weekly thing, but I’ve found so much pleasure I think I’m going to try to do it daily for a year and see what happens.

I’m very focused on trying to keep the vlog content solely on the work I do here and on location for the studio. So yesterday the vlog started with a location shoot. Now, if you’re a regular visitor to the blog you’ll know that there is one place I will go back time and time again. Yes, good old Water, Break it’s Neck in New Radnor. This place is very beautiful, as the photo’s show you, but I never even knew it existed until one of my clients. (The Beautiful Michelle) asked is she could go there with her fiance for their engagement shoot.

I went to shoot a gorgeous dress for the ladies at SJP Bridal with the marvellous Miss Frankie Lane. The boohoo feel of the crochet knit and veiled skirt were perfect against the flowing waters and cascading greenery of the waterfall.

Check out the Vlog to go along with these pictures in the link below. And if you’re still curious head over to my website, Instagram or Facebook page. See what my team and I are getting up too.

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