You only live once

If you only live once, and you’ve always wanted to try to something what stops you? I’m guessing fear. Your scared at being laughed at or rejected. I hear it time and time again when people react to the knowledge that I’m a boudoir photographer. At a party recently every single new person I met was equally intrigued and bashful about the idea of boudoir. But really what’s the worse that can happen? Especially when your in the hands of a photographer who is aiming to bring out the most gorgeous, sexy and sensual side of you?

Ever wonder what my clients think after their shoot. Why not watch what Nicole said about her Couture package Boudoir experience HERE.

Nicole after her Couture Boudoir Experience.

Ready to give it a go?! Get in touch HERE and have a good look at the website package options HERE, there are so many good ones to chose from.

Thank you Nicole for allowing me to share some of your beautiful portraits and to Jayde for the stunning hair and makeup.

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