Are you panicking about your wedding? Costs too much? The idea of being in front of 200 people bringing that sinking feeling to your stomach? I’m guessing the idea of Eloping is such looking like a better idea? Let’s stop. Press the pause button for a second.

Your wedding is just that YOUR wedding. Like so many things in life there is a terrifying idea that if you don’t follow traditions and conformity that nothing good will happen. Allow me to squash that myth. Your not putting on a show here. This is real life. Your simply gathering those who love and care about you in one place to declare your commitment to another person.

After attending a stunning wedding this weekend I was able to see how having a small gathering with simple, elegant options actually puts the focus where it should be. ON THE PEOPLE. I don’t just mean the bride and groom I mean the connection between family and friends. People were able to talk to each other, share a few laughs and stories. It was simply more personal.

Your wedding can be just the same. By keeping the guest list short, choosing an alternative venue, rethink those traditions, budget is a high importance so splurge wisely, not sure ask your wedding vendors they have years of experience and creative minds. Put them to use!

Concentrate on connection between you and your guests
Don’t worry about things you can’t control, like the weather.
Choose an alternative venue
splurge on the things that are important. Whether that’s hair and makeup, the dress, or the jewellery.

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