Can you really afford not to have a wedding photographer?

Budget. It’s the one thing that people are very aware of when it comes to their wedding day. Rightly so of course. There’s no point in putting yourself into debt for one day. However, this unfortunately leads couples to think that they can’t afford a wedding photographer and they ask friends and family to take photos. Now, this too offers a bonus point that it’s cheaper, that its easier to be with someone you know but is the trade off worth it?

Many people don’t know how to take a photograph. Think about it. Digital has provided everyone with the opportunity to take a photograph but what it lacks in the knowledge of what makes a good photograph. What you simply end up with is a snapshot. A lot of people don’t understand the basic’s of light dynamics, which essential when your a photographer! And why so many people hate their selfies. I watch at every wedding when people get they’re phones out and take countless images for one good one. If your photographer is any good- you wont need this frustration! A good photographer will be quick and easy, simplicity itself to get that shot.

Simple and easy posing- and yes even the “100% documentary” style photographers will pose you for at least one image. I’ve never been to a wedding yet when that doesn’t happen!!! And although you say you don’t want anything fussy you will end up turning to your photographer on the day and say the phrase “Is this right?” EVERYONE DOES.

Also, asking your friends or family means that they are also there as a guest- they’re not going to be running down the aisle or gathering people together in the same way a photographer will.

So what,s my point with this. Talk to a photographer and hear all their options. Because you can afford a professional at your wedding. I have three collections. Hourly coverage, Half day & Full day. There’s no great mystery, they’re exactly as they sound. You can request a brochure to see which one is for you HERE.

What you need to understand is that I believe that EVERYONE is entitled to have beautiful images of their wedding day because it matters.

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