The morning sets the tone

How long have you been planning your wedding? Even if it’s been months (or years) you will have expectation of what it will be like getting ready. Whether your bridal party is small or large here are a few tips to make to banish any pre wedding nerves and to have fun from the very start of your wedding.


You may think that you’ll have the time but, trust me, it all goes very quickly. To make sure you have a very easy and enjoyable morning make sure you have your timings right.

Having a timetable to the morning may seem like a chore, hell it may even seem a little boring to adhere too but ‘winging it’ can equal panic on the day and that we want to avoid!

So make sure that all the details for your day have been seen too before you arrive at the venue. No last minute touch ups to decorations. It makes sense to have a little plan to know who is having hair and makeup done first. For example any of the bride tribe staying at the venue or hotel with you should probably get up with you. And although your hair and makeup artist may say it takes them an hour to get people ready give them an extra fifteen minutes and plan that into the schedule. It will also help in maintaining the happiness factor. No one wants grumpy bridesmaids hanging around for hours on end with nothing to do but be on their phones.


Music is one the most unique methods of changing a mood. Make sure you have upbeat tunes- nothing about heart ache or break ups! (And yes I have been in the room when these songs are being played!) It doesn’t need to be cheesy pop but remember this morning is the start of a party, of fun and you should be calming the nerves of bride not adding to them.


Eat something! No excuses. Low blood sugar levels = bad moods, nervousness increase, dizziness, trembling, sweating and palpitations. That is one messy bride. Why not take the stress out of even having to buy the food. Arrange with the hotel, venue or even the caterers to provide something or you. That way it’s a real treat for everyone (and if you’re drinking it will soak up a little of that alcohol).


This one may be way out of left field but a few of my brides have had a quick (and silly) yoga session before they get into their dress. It can make for some funny photos and it actually gives you a little energy boost before the main event. Plus, isn’t yoga the answer to everything these days?


I’m sure you’ll have already thought of this one, but the brides bag or emergency kit is all important. To the point that I even carry of in my photographers bag theses days. Headache pills, lip balm, tissues, crochet hock, plasters, needle & thread the list can go on but having this on the day has saved more than one bride I’ve worked with.


If you have a photographer with you as you get ready, do give a though about what to wear while you waiting to put your dresses on. I’ve had bridesmaids freak out because they didn’t have their bra on and were in what they called their “rough clothes” . The solution is simple. When you wake get straight into the clothes you’d like to be in. Pyjama’s are fine but make sure there are no stains or rips ladies.


If you are having bridal portraits before the ceremony make sure to leave time for them. There will be more than enough of you getting ready in the documentary style but if you know you’re after that editorial look, that you’ve seen countless time in every magazine, Pinterest board or advert since you began planning, then a good ten minutes will be needed. If you want group photos with your bridesmaid, mother, flower girls this all takes time. Don’t rush it.

All of these tips are simply ideas to help you enjoy your morning. It will set the tone for the day so try and think ahead as the last experience you want that day is one of anger or disappointment.

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