10 Things to ask your wedding photographer

When you start to make a preparation list for your wedding you will, at some point hopefully write down, kick arse wedding photographer. You may be lucky and know exactly who you’ll approach for your big day, but for the majority of happy couples there will be a few nights of searching.

There are a few things to remember when looking through all the potential photographers. The main deciding factor shouldn’t be budget (although, it is important!) but asking yourselves the question. Do you feel a connection with their work? If you do, get in touch, book a phone call, Skype chat or (even better) met them in person consultation. Why? Well, there’s a lot to talk about.

I will always take the time to go through each, of my three collections, that I offer for my wedding services. Here are the top 10 questions I get asked, and what you should ask any photographer, your thinking of hiring for your big day.

1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER? I’ve been a wedding photographer for 12 years. And loved every single minute of it! I’ve been able to share in amazing, heart felt moments with all my clients, their families and friends. I’ve travelled many places throughout the UK and even abroad for destination weddings.

2. HAVE YOU SHOT AT OUR WEDDING VENUE BEFORE? The chances are if you’re getting married in Herefordshire, (where I’m based) then yes. Over the years I’ve been to almost every venue. If I haven’t shot there for sometime I will always take the time out to arrange a visit before your wedding so I can see the venue and make mental notes of where I could go on the day for you. Keeping things calm. simple and effortless.

3.HOW MANY HOURS DOES EACH PACKAGE CONTAIN I go through each collection in detail with my clients. I like to show them all the options. As I offer half days & full day coverage its wonderful to be able to make sure that you have time for all the images that you have in mind.

2. DO YOU OFFER ADDITIONAL HOURS? Absolutely. Sometimes, weddings overrun, whether it’s because the service took longer, the food was too lovely every lingered a little or simply because you’re waiting on guests there really is no need to panic. If you find that you might need me for another hour or so, I offer an hourly rate should you realise that you just want one or two other images.

4. CAN I REQUEST CERTAIN IMAGES? Too right you can! I usually ask my clients, whose who. Family. Friends. Who are you looking for that photo of? Who are your VIP’s that you just have to have a picture with.

5. HOW MANY IMAGES WILL I RECEIVE? Now this is a tough one. I will probably take more pictures than you will ever know. However, I always give you a rough estimation of how many you will get on the day. I will say it will obviously vary if you have a half day or a full day coverage.

6. HOW LONG WILL WE WAIT BEFORE WE SEE ALL THE PHOTOS? Hopefully not too long. I ALWAYS provide a little highlight video for my clients the next day. They will be able to view this on social media and be able to share it with their guests. But for all the images you will be waiting anywhere from 2-8 weeks. This is the industry standard for wedding photos especially during busy times of year. It may sound like a long wait but don’t forget, these are professional images. Each hand edited, to ensure the story of your day is remembered perfectly, that takes time.

7.HOW WILL WE RECEIVE OUT IMAGES? Many of my clients will opt to have their images as digital’s on a USB stick. The price of which is usually included in my collections. However, you may also opt for a print package or album which I can add into your package or you can purchase later.

8.WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE ILL, OR THERE’S AN EMERGENCY? I will always be able to find a replacement if I am unable to make a wedding. Having worked in the industry for many years, I have good working relationships with many fine photographers and would be able to contact them if I was in any way not able to be there.

9.WHAT INFORMATION WILL YOU NEED BEFORE THE WEDDING DAY? Once booked, we’ll go over the details together. It’s okay if your not sure about some of them just yet, as I will double check with you that all the information is correct three weeks before your wedding.

10.HOW MUCH DO YOU REQUIRE FOR A DEPOSIT AND WHEN IS IT DUE? I ask for 30% deposit from my clients when they book. The remainder is due two weeks before the wedding. If you prefer to pay off a little each month that of course that is an option.

And That’s it! I hope that’s helped anyone who might be wondering what to ask their photographer. Of course, if you have any questions fire away! Anyone you meet with regards to your wedding should be able to provide you with honest answers. And that’s a tip to take. When hiring any professional ask yourself these questions once you’ve met them.

  • Do you feel comfortable with your choice of vendor?
  • Do you feel at ease with the quality of their work?
  • Have they addressed all your concerns? Have they listened?
  • Do you trust them to make help make your day one to remember?

If you would like to get in touch to ask me about your wedding photographs email nataliejolleyphotography@gmail.com or find me on any of my social media sites. Including, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.


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