The crown goes to…

Last year, 25th May 2019 seemed to be the day that people wanted to tie the knot. I can’t tell you how many regretful emails I had to send saying that I was already engaged on the day in question.

This year, June 27th seems to have taken the crown. Seven inquires and counting!

This raises the question once again of when do you contact a wedding photographer? Now, I always used to say as soon as you have your venue and therefore your date. Although I have given this comment a little extra thought recently.

If you are planning a wedding or gathering which requires a lot of effort you usually start with a date (or two) in mind. For a wedding you’ve no doubt seen gorgeous books or printable wedding planning lists available. Now some of these lists will often say contact a photographer 9 months before the wedding. THIS IS BAD ADVICE.

Contact your photographer at least one year before your wedding! Your wedding photographer should be up there with your search for a wedding venue. That way when you have your date, you can book the where and the when. All the other information can follow.

In fact, my new advice would be this. On your wedding list you will have things you can only book once. For example, a wedding venue will one be able to offer you one day. The carters might be a small company that can only provide one day coverage. A photographer, can only provide services for one day. So avoid the disappointment do your research on these vendors first! The dress, although important, can wait a little!

SUPER ORGANISED? Are you’re looking for wedding bookings for 2021 and 2022 my diaries are open and waiting for your booking. CLICK HERE to start the ball rolling!

Here’s just some of my favourite weddings pictures

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