Wedding games

Okay so by now you should all know how much I love weddings and of course photography- I wouldn’t be much of wedding photographer if I didn’t! But did you know that I also adore seeing what your friends and family get up to with their phones and cameras?

More than not I have the father of the bride or the eager cousin turning their camera’s around after a snap to seek my opinion. And as I always say there are no bad photos. They’re all memories so how can there be?

But have you thought of directing your guests attention in a little game? While playing “I Spy” with my son the other day I thought it would be a simply thing to create a list on a few cards for your guests and see who can get the best photo. Your list could look something like this.

  • Your Table as a group
  • Someone Kissing
  • Best dressed person at the table (no fighting)
  • A hug
  • Worst dancing action shot
  • Something romantic
  • Cheers! (Get those glasses clinking)
  • Best Friend photos
  • Crazy photo- yes pull the silly faces and pose in a giddy way

You can of course design your own list! There might be something that your guests would be be perfect to do. Whatever you decided to write on those lists make it fun!

Add in a little wine…a few silly ques and you’ll have perfect guests photos.

Why not set up a page on Facebook- or closed group in order to share all your guests can share images in one place? You can even create your own wedding hashtag.

The Groomsmen are always up to mischief and making each other smile. Make sure to have your phones handy to record and savour all the moments.

All the little games, all the traditional fun .

Bride squad bonding.

Ah, Dad dancing gold.

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