The Perfect Day

It was windy and it was cold, but it was the perfect day. Arriving in Western-Super-Mare on Thursday I was reunited with Helen,our beautiful bride to be and her towering fiance Pete. I had meet Helen at a wedding fayre last year and together, on Pete’s birthday no less, we drove through the maze of tight streets and winding country lanes to small beach, where at Christmas two years previously, Pete had asked that wonderful question. “Will you marry me?”

Coats firmly on Helen and Pete walked down to the beach speaking about their plans for the wedding which is in June. They’re wisely ahead of the game and are simply now joining the relaxing run up to the big day. Today, happened to be a little extra icing on the cake.

The intention of their engagement shoot was simply to enjoy the moment. To have beautiful portraits so they could share and celebrate their engagement. And rightly so, it’s not the start of their love story but it is a pivotal moment. After all, “You don’t marry someone you can live with – you marry the person you cannot live without.”

After we had finished, huddled around the car heater I said to them. Your portraits will remind you of more than just where you were, or how old your were. It will bring back the silly sayings, the warmth of each others company, the whole day will flood back to you and you will smile.

I believe that’s the power of photography and probable the part I think I like the most. I can’t wait to see them again in June, to share in the day they become husband and wife.

If you’re engaged and would like a photoshoot why not get in touch via any of my social media pages or website links below.



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