Which is your favourite?

When I sit down, with my faithful cup of tea, to type out the latest blog. I often end up choosing the photos that go with my writing on my own. Sometimes I will ask my husband for his opinion, or even on the odd occasion, one of the children but more than not the decision comes down to me.

Well today I’ve decided to ask a few other wonderful people. After the recent shoot for Matrimony Magazine, at Hellens Manor in Herefordshire. I asked the team what they would pick and why. Here’s what they said.


Sam, was our model for the day. She choose this photo.

“I think this photo sums up everything. The elegance of the dress, lends itself so well to the period surroundings. The story of the bride getting ready, the natural light, just everything seems to tie together.”

And there Sam does indeed have a point. When you choose a location for your wedding it definitely sets the tone that would follow for other things, even the dress.

Bride getting ready for her wedding at Hellens Manor.


Paige is a new wedding make up artist based in Herefordshire working at her independent business Perfect Imperfections. She created two looks for the shoot as we had a long lace dress and a beautiful blush pink dress to shoot. This was her choice.

“I love how elegant our model, (Sam) looks. Her makeup is very simple and fresh with just a hint of colour in her eyes. The light here is perfect, added in with the gaze out of the window and the flowers to decorate. Just how every bride wants to be on the wedding day I think. Effortless.”

I loved that Paige didn’t shy away from a little colour on the day of the shoot. I think brides can be blocked thinking that their wedding has to be very formal. Breaking out of that idea with little hints such as eye shadows or even lipsticks can add a element that remains very true to you.


Emily is a fabulous hair stylist based in Herefordshire at Insation, an independent business who specialises in wedding and prom hair. She created two beautiful hair styles for the shoot. One up, which was used for the white long dress, the other undone to show brides that you can have elegance in either style. This is her choice.

“I love the reflection aspect in the aged mirror giving an ambience to this picture, whilst showing the dress, hair, and makeup. Everything you want in a bridal photo.”

It’s very important to take the time out on your wedding day just for one or two images of the bride on her own. These usually happen just before you leave for the ceremony. They don’t have to be posed like these have been, but do talk through all the options with your photographer.

Long lace dress. Perfect for the Eco Wedding.


Rachel has worked in the wedding industry for over a decade. Lending her creative knowledge to Matrimony magazine, and through her skills with her work at mason blue designs .She designs for brides who are looking for inspirational jewellery and hair accessories for their big day. Here’s Rachel’s choice of photo.

“I actually chose an image of the bride getting ready. This is how I often see brides on they’re wedding day if they’ve asked me to deliver the piece I’ve made. I love how dark the images is around the corners, using the doorway to frame from within the room. It’s also a little creepy, (which I love) with the portrait of the fella seemingly watching over all that is happening. Moody but gorgeous!

I have to admit on the day I just loved how I caught this moment. The small living room where Emily and Paige were working was full of hustle and bustle- the kitchen where I was standing was just the same with tea and coffee being made across the table, while flowers were put in vases and dresses hung up.

There was something about the sudden stillness as Emily styled Sam’s hair that made me raise my camera and click. And there it is, the memory of that moment captured in a push of button but I can still hear the conversations and recall the smells of the flowers from one photograph. (Powerful stuff this photography).

Madness of the morning as we get ready for the shoot at Hellens Manor.

Last but never least…


Wendy is the current editor in chief of Matrimony Magazine. She like all of the team has worked in the wedding industry for many years. Her skills are put into each magazine giving brides the choice of suppliers and inspiration for their big day. Her choice was this image.

I love the whimsical look and feel of this image. It reminds me of Jane Austin and Pride and Prejudice. I suppose she would call the composition delightful or agreeable. I think it’s just romantic, full of quite promise.”

Bride at lay, Hellens Manor, Music Room.

And there you are! Of course there were many more photos of the shoot and you’ll be able to see them in the April Edition, of Matrimony Magazine.

I will make sure to post a link for you all, so keep tuned to my Facebook page!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, please do leave a comment, like and share! Take care, until next time! Natalie x

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