Uncertain Wedding

Many, many poor people have had to move they’re wedding day this year due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. I’ve been lucky so far with my clients that I’ve been able to accommodate their new dates. But some people have lost their dates, suppliers, basically their entire wedding.

Now some people might think, well that’s why you buy wedding insurance, but many people have found that they’re policy didn’t cover this type of illness or pandemic.

So what do you do? If you have no money to spend to breathe life back into your big day? Do you save up again? Or worse, knock it on the head completely?

The first thing. Is don’t give in. Take a step back from it all and breathe. Make a list of who you need to contact and speak to them. If you can’t co-ordinate the wedding for another day this year, leave it until the next. Let’s be honest you can wait another year to make your dreams come true. It might, even allow you to save up a few extra pennies. Maybe upgrade one or two details of the wedding or the honeymoon.

Stay positive and find humour where you can. Contact your photographer to maybe do something fun like SAVE THE NEW DATE photo shoot when its safe to do so.

Elopements. Perhaps the idea or cost of another big wedding is too much? Maybe it’s time to rethink and elope. There are some stunning ways in which you can minimise your wedding and still enjoy the day with those who either mean the most, or just the two of you.

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