From AM to PM

I thought I might do a classic ‘summer’ wedding day in pictures for today’s blog. When I was getting married (14 years ago) it had been years since any family had tied the knot, and I was the first out of my friends to take the plunge so I didn’t really know what went where or how a wedding went. So to help anyone else who might be feeling the same, here is the the classic summer wedding itinerary.

Don’t worry I know that not all of us want a Summer wedding. Winter Weddings, Brunch Weddings and Soiree’s will follow! But these are very general guidelines as differences for ceremonies or cultural traditions can change things about.

8:00am Breakfast and showers

Brownies for breakfast happened at my wedding but you might prefer something more classical. Champagne, fruit, granola, croissants. Something more retro Ham &Eggs, or traditional a Full English? You have so many possibilities.

10:00am Begin hair and make-up or grooming prep

11:00am Bouquet and buttonhole deliveries

1:00pm Bridal party pictures and bubbly

2:00pm Groom (if applicable) arrives for ceremony, guests start to arrive

2:15pm Bride (if applicable) departs for the ceremony

2:30pm Ceremony

3:15pm Hugs and chats outside the ceremony (allow extra for a more formal reception line)

3:30pm Couple departs for photographs

4:00pm Drinks reception

4:30pm Couple arrives back from photos

5:30pm Seat guests for dinner

7:00pm Start speeches and serve dessert

7:30pm Couples cuts the cake

7:40pm Couple pops off for some golden hour shots (dependent on sunset times and weather!)

8:00pm Evening guests arrive

8:30pm First dance and band starts

11:00pm DJ begins and late night food is served

2:00am Music finishes (and the inevitable sing-song begins in the resident’s bar!)

These are just a few of my images from the brilliant weddings I’ve had the privilege of attending. If you’d like to see more of my work head over to my website. HERE.

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