How much do you love your wedding venue?

When it comes to the setting of your wedding the venue is key. It sets the tone for the day. After all, the expanse of a large green field complete with hay bales and a marquee is going to be a very different affair to a wedding set in a manor house with encompassing lawns and fountains.

This is why, when I met my wedding couples either via Skype or in person. I ask them why did you chose your venue. Some of the responses are not what you’d think.

Longworth Hall, Herefordshire
Lyde Court, Herefordshire

Kingscote Barn, Gloucestershire

Many people chose a venue for its cost. Other people fall in love with architecture, gardens, lakes, even art! Take Hellens Manor as an example.

I’ve been to Hellens, many, many times. For weddings, christenings even a magazine shoot. If I was to relive my wedding day I would defiantly consider it as my venue. Why would I do that? Well…

So much of Hellens Manor in Herefordshire is covered with art. Having just the touch of the frames in shot hints at this but keeps the focus on the bridal portrait.

  • It’s a historic house- I love history, absolute nut for it, so big tick for me.
  • It has vast gardens which have BOTH formal and informal sections. Photographically speaking this would give amazing amount of range and it would appeal to both me and my partner. I very much like the wild, he the neat and tidy. It also has a woodland and wild flower meadow that from May onward is bursting with life and colour. All within walking distance of the house.
  • Its Herefordshire first fully Eco friendly wedding venue. This would be a big deal clincher for me. So, much stuff is wasted at any event, not just weddings and I would hate to buy or add anything frivolous to the day. Hellens has every details sorted from in house catering where they grow and prepare their food on site, organically. Even down to the toilet paper and wetlands system to have less impact on the world around them. It’s marvellous what they’ve achieved.
  • Disabled Access. Both of my parents have trouble to moving. My mum is in fact registered disabled and needs a wheelchair to get about so access to all these beautiful place and spots around the manor would be very important to me.
  • Rainy day space. Let’s be honest I live in England, a climate not known for having sunny days, all day, every day, so the chances of rain are reasonable. Having space where you could get married and still have drinks and food and a dance floor if it was pouring with rain, gets a big tick.
  • Various locations to get married- either the music room with its warmth and cosiness or the great barn with light pouring through, you’ve got two exceptional places to consider saying your vows.
  • It’s calming. I find being outside, in a natural environment very calming. On a wedding day, you have a few nerves and anything that helps you relax is a bonus as far as I can see.
Hellens Manor Herefordshire.
Getting ready at Hellens Manor, Herefordshire
The Roundel at Hellens Manor
Playing games on the lawn at Hellens Manor

So you see how personal it can be to chose a wedding venue.It might very well come down to cost, everyone has a budget, but a venue will speak to you, much like how your taste buds sing for the right caterers food or the feel of the dress will give you the confidence you deserve on your wedding day.

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