The Brunch Wedding

The idea of a brunch wedding party is still a sort of new, but generally its classed as a morning celebration, that wraps up by mid-afternoon and is incredibly popular in places like the US where these kind of weddings are getting pretty trendy. This one won’t be for everyone, but a brunch wedding is a good option if you don’t want your day to be too boozy, likewise it’s a more family-friendly idea if you’re inviting lots of kiddies.

There are many photographers who might not find these types of weddings ‘worth their time’. I am NOT one of those people. Not matter how long your wedding day is you deserve to have beautiful pictures to go with it. When you have this style of wedding it can prove to be even more emotional and riotous with laughter and fun with your closets of family and friends.

This is usually the way this style of day goes.

8.00am Breakfast

Try having more than a cup of tea. Breakfast is super important and you will need some energy even if your day is a few hours.

8:30am Begin hair and make-up or grooming prep

A calm space, maybe even in a annex room might help nervous brides settle. Set away from the hustle and bustle let your bridesmaids and family help you if needs be.

10:30am Bridal party photos

11.00am Guests start to arrive

When you’ve got people to your right, to your left, behind you but the person that makes you smile is right in front.

11:30am Ceremony

Ah ,the ceremony, such a perfect moment and the biggy moment of the day.

12.15pm Drinks and nibbles (couples go for photos for half an hour)

I will know exactly where to go for your photos come rain for shine as I will have gone to venue a week before to look around.

1:00pm Speeches (while still at the cocktail hour)

Ah, Speeches. Sometimes better to do before the food is served.

1.30pm Seat guests for lunch

Will you all be upstanding to welcome Mr and Mrs….

2.30pm Cut the cake

Feed me! So many people look forward to the cake! Make sure you have enough to go round!

3:00pm Farewells (couple might then continue a photo session with the photographer)

Taking the time to have those few moments on your own at the end of the day with result in something truly cinematic but heartwarming.

So there we have it, the Brunch Wedding, of so simple and elegant. This may be perfect for you if you can’t stand the thought of doing anything grand or big. But remember always, always make sure you have pictures of the day, they will last you a lifetime, they will be your reminder of happy times with friends and family that wont always be with you. Treat them like treasure they are the story of your lifetime and love.

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The images used in this blog were taken at Lyde Court in Herefordshire.

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